Elegant Logos
Elegant Logos Branding Kit

Elegant Logos

Bring your brand to life with these 22 Elegant handcrafted logos.
Includes both Illustrator and Canva templates.

Elegant Logos

22 Elegant handcrafted logos for your brand identity

Bring your company brand or logo to life!

Create a beautiful logo for your business with the Elegant logo bundle. The files are fully editable and customizable.

Product Details
  • Create your own logo or brand identity with these premade logos.
  • Includes both Adobe Illustrator and Canva versions (Canva version varies slightly).
  • Great for life coaches, yoga, health, wellness, or clothing.
  • Easily edit text and elements using Adobe Illustrator. All text and elements are vector and can be resized without losing quality.
  • Fully customizable with Adobe Illustrator
  • Print Ready

Adobe Illustrator Edition

clean and classy logos
Yoga, heath and wellness logos
Ariyah specialty goods logo example
Business cards logo examples
floral logos
Wellness and health logos
Business Card example
Website example with photography logo

Canva Edition