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How To Create A Logo For Your Brand
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How To Create A Logo For Your Brand

So you finally decided on a great name for your company but now you need a logo and don’t know where to start.

First thing you should think about is the industry or niche you’re in and how you want your brand to come across to your audience.

If you don’t have a background in design, please take my advice and keep it simple. If you really want something truly unique you should hire a professional.

Text Logos

A logo can be as simple as text. Take a look at some of the biggest brands like Apple, Google, Sony, Canon, Facebook, Calvin Klein, and the list goes on and on.

Spend some time researching what’s out there and decide what you like and don’t like. If your industry is Health Coaching, perform a search for “Health Coach Logo.” This should give you some great ideas to start with.

Next, go to and see what fonts work well with your company or brand name. You can enter your name or brand to see a preview of the text in different font styles. Once you decide which font works best, you can download or use the free fonts to create your logo.

Tools & Generators

There are a lot of free tools and logo generators available that make it easier to create your own logo. Here’s a list of some of my favorites.

This online graphics software is becoming a powerful tool for both creative and non-creatives to quickly design just about anything. It’s completely free with added features for the pro version. They have premade templates and designs for you to choose from and you can easily customize fonts, colors, and more. You can even find some of Web Design Engines designs on there.

Adobe Illustrator
If you don’t mind paying for it, Illustrator is what the pros use and is the standard for creating vector (scalable) graphics. There are a lot of advanced features if you’re ready to unleash your creativity. I’ve been using Illustrator for years but it may not be the easiest software to learn.

Name Cheap Logo Maker
If you want to make something quickly that will automatically create a logo based on some of your preferences, the Namecheap Logo Maker will help you find the perfect font, icons, and color schemes for your personal or business logo. Select a template you like the most using their design wizard, and the software will do the rest, narrowing down thousands of design options and presenting you with the ones best suited to you. It’s 100% free.

BrandCrowd has a lot more options for creating your own logo but you will need to sign up and pay $20 to download your logo. You can definitely try it out and quickly see what kind of options you have before purchasing.

This is another logo generator that lets you download a free low resolution version of your logo but you will need to purchase the high resolution version for $39.99.


There are a lot of different logo generators out there and they might be ok if you want something super simple and quick. But if you want something that’s more professional and tailored to what you want, I would look around for logo design templates that you can edit with Canva or Adobe Illustrator.

Remember to not overthink it. Keep it simple and easy to read. It doesn’t need to be fancy, a lot of logos are just text that has been stylized with letter spacing. I’ve created a set of 22 logos that can be easily customized with Canva or Adobe Illustrator.

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